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Prime Rate: 7.20%

Variable Rate: 6.30%

Insured mortgage rates. These rates are subject to change.
Conventional and refinance rates may be higher. OAC. E&EO

Mortgage Calculators

Maximum Mortgage

Calculate the maximum mortgage amount you qualify for based on your income. A great tool for new homebuyers.

Mortgage Analyzer

Calculate your mortgage payment. Create an amortization schedule. Discover what you will owe in 5 years.

Payment Analyzer

Calculate your mortgage payment for several different payment frequencies which include...weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly payment types.

Prepayment Analyzer

Discover how many years you will shorten your amortization and how much interest savings you will realize by making a lump sum payment on your mortgage

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"A mortgage is a reminder that every payment brings you one step closer to fully owning your dreams."

- ADMAR Mortgage Brokers