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Marianne Grnak

Marianne Grnak

What does Hockey and Mortgage Brokering have in common? Dedication, Commitment and Passion!

Marianne has been an avid hockey player since she was seven. She advanced from house league through the ranks to Senior AAA Women's Hockey and has several Provincial and National Championships to her credit. Marianne became a member of TEAM CANADA in 1993 and participated in several World Championships for the next four years and has three GOLD MEDALS to her credit. However, her business grew to a size where she had to make a choice of career With Marianne's background she knows what it takes to achieve the highest standard of both sport and business.

Meghan O'Mara

Meghan O'Mara

Meghan has been a dedicated gymnast since she was five. She advanced through the ranks of the sport and went on to to represent Team Ontario for three years and participated in several championships where she took home gold to support her credit. Meghans career came to an end and she began her new one with ADMAR Mortgage Brokers. The mother daughter duo has taken over.

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